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Wisconsin has a long history of auto racing. The first self-propelled highway vehicle in the United States was the Spark, a steam-powered buggy built in Racine in 1871 by John Carhart, honored at the 1908 Paris International Automobile Exposition as the "Father of Automobiles.". The first vehicle race was held in Wisconsin in 1878 and ran from Green Bay to Madison through Janesville. The winner won $5,000 from the Wisconsin legislature. This Wisconsin Auto Racing Track Directory will list all types of auto racing tracks, oval, drag, dirt and road course.

We included a link to other Wisconsin Sports Directories for you to view. If you want to know more about what to do in Wisconsin, we have links to "What to Do in Wisconsin" directories by Wisconsin County and by Wisconsin Community. These directories include more sports, museums, wineries, breweries, parks, historical places and more. Enjoy and have fun in Wisconsin!

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