Wisconsin State Symbols

Wisconsin State Symbols

All of the Wisconsin State Symbols have been specified by law Over the years, the Wisconsin Legislature has officially recognized a wide variety of state symbols.

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Wisconsin State Symbols

Wisconsin Flag

Wisconsin State Flag

Flag (1863) - The state of Wisconsin flag was designed in 1863 for a request by Civil War regiments in the field. It was not until 1913 that the official language describing the flag was added to the Wisconsin Statutes. The flag remained unchanged, just the Wisconsin Coat of Arms on the blue background until 1979 when the word "Wisconsin" and the statehood date "1848" was added in white.

Wisconsin State Seal

Wisconsin State Seal

State Seal (1836) - The Wisconsin Constitution requires a "Great Seal". This "Great Seal" is to be used by the Secretary of State to authenticate the Governor’s official acts. The seal includes the Wisconsin "Coat of Arms"

Wisconsin Coat of Arms

Wisconsin Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms (1836) - The Wisconsin "Coat of Arms" is an integral part of the Wisconsin State Seal.

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Wisconsin Motto

Forward (1851) - The Wisconsin Motto was introduced in 1851 when the Wisconsin Coat of Arms was being revised.

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Wisconsin Song

"On Wisconsin" (1959) - The music for the state song was composed in 1909 by William T Purdy. The Lyrics were written in 1913 by Judge Charles D Rosa and J S Hubbard. "On Wisconsin" was recognized as the Wisconsin State Song, it was not officially until 1959 when the bill was introduced.

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Wisconsin Flower

Wood Violet (1949) - Wisconsin school children nominated four candidates for the Wisconsin state flower in 1908. In 1909 the Wood Violet won the vote as state flower. It was officially named in 1949.

Wisconsin State BIrd - Robin

Wisconsin Bird

Robin (1949) - Wisconsin school children voted in 1926 & 1927 to select a state bird. The robin received twice as many votes as any other bird. It was officially named in 1949.

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Wisconsin Tree

Sugar Maple (1949) - The state tree was first selected in 1893 by school children. Another vote was conducted in 1948 again by school children, the Sugar Maple won again. It was officially named in 1949.

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Wisconsin Fish

Muskellunge (1955) - The legislature tried to adopt the Muskellunge as the state fish as early as 1939. Finally in 1955 the Muskellunge became Wisconsin's official fish.

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Wisconsin Animal

Badger (1957) - The Badger was part of Wisconsin since the beginning of the state, but it was not until 1957 it became the official Wisconsin State Animal.

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Wisconsin Wildlife Animal

White-Tailed Deer (1957) - In 1957 when the Badger was being declared the official state animal, the Northern part of Wisconsin wanted the White-Tailed Deer instead. A compromise was reached, the Badger became the State Animal and the White-Tailed Deer became the State Wildlife Animal.

Wisconsin State Domestic Animal

Wisconsin Domestic Animal

Dairy Cow (1971) - Since Wisconsin was known as "America's Dairyland", the Dairy Cow also should be known as a Wisconsin State Animal. Each year, a different breed is selected from the seven major breeds, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn and Red & White Holstein.

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Wisconsin Mineral

Galena (1971) - Galena was proposed by the Kenosha Gem and Mineral Society to promote geological awareness.

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Wisconsin Rock

Red Granite (1971) - Red Granite was selected as the state rock because of its economic importance to Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Symbol of Peace

Mourning Dove (1971) - Many organizations concerned with conservation and wildlife had sought a protected status for the Mourning Dove. In 1971 it was added as the Wisconsin Symbol of Peace and protected.

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Wisconsin Insect

Honey Bee (1977) - The Honey Bee was selected as the Wisconsin State Insect as a request by the third grade class of Holy Family School of Marinette and the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association. Others sought to put it up to a popular vote between the Honey Bee, Monarch Butterfly, Dragonfly, Ladybug and Mosquito, but were voted down.

Wisconsin Soil - Antigo Silt Loam

Wisconsin Soil

Antigo Silt Loam (1983) - There are over 500 major soil types in Wisconsin. The Antigo Silt Loam was selected because it is a productive, level, silty soil of glacial origin, subsequently enriched by organic matter from prehistoric forests.

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Wisconsin Fossil

Trilobite (1985) - The Trilobite fossils are abundant in Wisconsin and are easily recognized. They were found in the saltwater sea the covered Wisconsin hundreds of millions of years ago. They are generally 1 to 2 inches in length, but can be over 10 inches long.

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Wisconsin Dog

American Water Spaniel (1985) - Of the five dog breeds indigenous to the United States, the American Water Spaniel is the only one native to Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Beverage

Milk (1987) - Milk is recognized as the state beverage because of Wisconsin's position as the nation's leading milk producing state.

Wisconsin Grain - Corn

Wisconsin Grain

Corn (1989) - Corn was picked because of its importance as a cash crop in Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Dance

Polka (1993) - The polka is deeply ingrained in Wisconsin cultural traditions.

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Wisconsin Ballad

"Oh Wisconsin, Land of My Dreams" (2001) - The ballad was the work of Shari Sarazin of Mauston. She set to music a poem written in the 1920's by her grandmother.

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Wisconsin Waltz

"The Wisconsin Waltz" (2001) - The music and lyrics were written by Eddie Hansen.

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Wisconsin Fruit

Cranberry (2003) - Wisconsin leads the nation in Cranberry production and is grown in 20 of Wisconsin's 72 Counties.

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Wisconsin Tartan

Tartan (2007) - The design was selected to reflect the diversity of the state.

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Wisconsin Pastry

Kringle (2013) - Racine is the mass producer of the Kringle and was supported by the city.

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