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In this section of wisconsin.com's Where To Eat, we list Wisconsin Restaurants by Wisconsin County. Not every Wisconsin County may have a restaurant. This list is not a complete list by far. We are always updating the list, so stop back frequently.

If you have a favorite Wisconsin Restaurant that is not listed, contact us or email the information to WIRestaurant. If you are a restaurant owner and are not listed in our restaurant directory, go to Add Your Business to be included in our Wisconsin Business Directory and Restaurant DIrectories.

Wisconsin Restaurant Directory by Wisconsin County

Below is 72 Wisconsin County buttons to access a directory of Wisconsin Restaurants listed by their Wisconsin County. You can see Featured Restaurants by clicking on the Wisconsin Featured Restaurant button.

Click on the button below to go to the Wisconsin Where To Eat Main Page. From here you can access Wisconsin Restaurants in a number of different ways, including by Wisconsin County, Wisconsin Community, or type of restaurant. You can also access our Wisconsin Supper Club Directory and Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry Directory!

Please let the Wisconsin Restaurant you found here know you found them in our wisconsin.com Restaurant Directories!

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