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With many areas all over Wisconsin, Wisconsin offers many opportunities for anyone who wants to hunt. Besides the directory, we listed information for the hunter.

If you want to know more about what to do in Wisconsin, we have links to "What to Do in Wisconsin" directories by Wisconsin County and by Wisconsin Community. These directories include more sports, museums, wineries, breweries, parks, historical places and more. Enjoy and have fun in Wisconsin!

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Wisconsin Hunting Resources

Wisconsin DNA Hunting
This Website is a great reference for hunting in Wisconsin for the Wisconsin citizen or the visitor to Wisconsin.

This State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website is not only a great starting point for hunting in Wisconsin, but a wealth of information. The site will let you know what is required to hunt in Wisconsin, what ages can hunt, help in getting a licence and more. Click on the Website button below to open the Wisconsin DNR Hunting website.

Wisconsin Hunting Directory

Kickapoo Valley Reserve - La Farge - kvr.state.wi.us

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