The wisconsin.com Lodging Directory Bronze Plan

The wisconsin.com Lodging Directory Bronze Plan is the most popular for most basic Wisconsin businesses. The most popular for Wisconsin Lodging businesses will be the Silver Plan. Make sure you review the Silver Plan. Like the Free Plan, the Bronze Plan will give you a listing in both our wisconsin.com Wisconsin Business Directory and our wisconsin.com Wisconsin Lodging Directory. This plan is a nice step up from the Free Plan giving the Wisconsin Lodging Business some nice upgrades and options. If you have any questions after reviewing this page, just email them to BusinessMyEmail. If you feel this is the plan for your Wisconsin Lodging Business, click on the Add Me button at the bottom of this page.

The wisconsin.com Lodging Directory Plan Basics

Here are a few basic points that apply to all the wisconsin.com lodging business listings:

  • Whatever price at the level you sign up for, is the price you will pay annually for the rest of your business life. You are locked into that price!
  • Any updates to your listing are included. If your address changes for example, just email BusinessMyEmail and we will update your listing.
  • Any listing that requires payment, we will email an invoice you through PayPal. You will have the option of payment by credit care, PayPal or check. Upon receiving payment, your listing will go live.

Lodging Plan #2: BRONZE

Price: $30.00 / Annually

Sample BRONZE wisconsin.com Lodging Directory Listing

Madison Moo Motel - Madison - www.madisonmoomotel.com

222 Cow Road, Madison, WI 53704 - (608) 222-2222

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