Add Your Lodging Business to the wisconsin.com Website FAQs

We have made it easy to add your Wisconsin Lodging Business to our Website. There are several different options, starting with a simple listing that will cost you nothing, that is FREE. We also offer different levels that have a small annual cost that will give our Website visitor more information about your lodging business, including special lodging features. On this page are a few FAQs that will answer some of your questions about adding your business to our Website. If you have any other questions after reviewing this page, just email them to BusinessMyEmail.

Why offer a FREE listing?

We want wisconsin.com to have the most complete listing of Wisconsin businesses. Giving a Wisconsin business a free listing helps us reach that goal.

Why should a Wisconsin business upgrade their listing for a small annual fee?

Simply, to get more traffic to the business Website and into their business. The Bronze option for example allows the wisconsin.com visitor to click and go directly to your business Website along with listing your business address and phone number.

Why upgrade my Free listing now, why not wait?

Whatever level above the Free listing you sign up for now, that annual fee will be your annual fee for life! Costs will go up, so you will be locked in!

Can a non-Wisconsin business have a listing?

Unfortunately, no, the wisconsin.com Business listings are for Wisconsin based businesses only.

My business does not have a Website, can I still list my business?

Yes you can, but the Free listing will not do you much good. You will want to sign up for at lest the Bronze listing so your business address and phone number will be displayed for the wisconsin.com visitor. You might also look at the Gold listing because that will give the wisconsin.com visitor more information about your business, including hours, directions, pictures and more! It will be like a mini-Website for your business.

My business dose not fit into any of your current business catigories!

Email us at BusinessMyEmail and let us know what business category you would like added. In most cases we will add it for you.

Why do you list each business instead of using a database to display the business data?

Well first, that is a very technical question. Simply we want your business listing to have the best chance of being found on the Internet. If your business listing is in a database, it cannot be found by search engines. Hard coding your business listing into our wisconsin.com Web pages gives your business more search engine exposure. You have a Website, you can have us link to your Website, that is far better than you just having a Website to the search engines on the Internet. So as a side note, the more business categories you are listed in on our Web pages, the more links to your Website there will be, better yet!

What type of pictures for the Silver and Gold options should I submit?

First, the pictures have to be family friendly. Other than that, just about anything you want to promote. If you are a restaurant, submit pictures of your best menu items. If you are a motel, submit pictures of your rooms or facilities. Any pictures you want the wisconsin.com visitor to see and want to visit your business.

What type of information should I put on the Gold option information page?

Think of this page as a mini Website page. You can put your menu if you are a restaurant. You can give information about your motel, for example: Are you pet friendly, have a pool, workout room, free WiFi, have a breakfast, etc. An auto repair shop may list all the types of work they do. Museums could list their hours, types of displays, etc. You can also think of it as an AD and place one of your advertising blocks on the page.

There are a number of Websites like wisconsin.com on the Internet, why should I list on yours?

You should list in them all if you can. The more places eyes can see your information, the better it is for your business. We feel wisconsin.com offers some advantages over some of the others, of course! ;-)

Of all the Websites like wisconsin.com, if I can only list on one, which one should I pick?

wisconsin.com of course!

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